Transit Log is a document showing the procedures related to entry into and departure from Turkey through marine border check-points by tourism-intended vessels, along with their sails between Turkish ports and on Turkish territorial waters, and also naming the crew and yachtsmen and evidencing that the relevant tourism-intended vessels are seaworthy.


Yacht registration certificates are valid for one year. The content, form, fee and use of this certificate are determined by the Ministry after seeking the opinion of the sector.

Foreign yachts may be left in Turkey on the sea or on the land for winter storage, maintenance, or repair purposes for a period of 5 years.

In the event that a foreign boat is left at a marina or boat yard and the boat owner and captain wishes to leave Turkey, the marina or the boat yard facility shall take the yacht under its responsibility and record the same on the yacht registration certificate and also notify the relevant Customs Enforcement Directorate.

Yachts left at the marina or boat yard and used at least once in two years by their owners may stay in Turkey for up to five years without further permission. The Ministry is authorized to extend such period.


Turkish and foreign tourism-intended vessels coming from harbours in countries that are not declared by the World Health Organization as dangerous countries in respect of epidemic and infectious diseases shall make a declaration to the Port Health Control Center using a communication system such as radio, telephone, fax, etc. Such declaration may also be made by the tourism-intended harbour facilities.


Such declaration of tourism-intended vessels shall be valid for the duration of their stay in Turkey provided that they do not come into contact with a foreign harbour.


Tourism-intended vessels must notify any incident of death or illness to the nearest Harbour Master or Health Control Center which occurs on the vessel during their navigation on Turkish territorial waters.