Anker Group yacht shipping services, in cooperation with Sevenstar Yacht Transport B.V., was developed for those of us who understand that boundaries are mere suggestions and that the world is meant to be seen and experienced. Whether you are looking forward to joining the boat race in the Mediterranean or sailing the warm waters of the Mediterranean, we have been there and completely understand the attraction. So the question is: Are you going to rack your brain with the many complications of international yacht shipping or are you going to make one simple phone call, sit back, and let us smoothly and efficiently ship your yacht to your desired destination?


Not only do we understand every aspect and requirement of international yacht shipping, we have also personally experienced every step and know every necessary contact by name. Our network offers you comprehensive services in worldwide locations, using all available yacht transport methods and technologies, to provide the unique service package tailored to your desired venture.


Once you experience the pampering pleasures that we provide here at Yacht Exports, you will rest assured that your baby is in good hands. We consider our clients an extension of our family, using great care and consideration for every detail of the process. If you talk to any of our clients, they will personally tell you that our international yacht shipping and boat shipping services are by far the best in the industry. And that means so much to us, because at the end of the day, making them happy makes us happy. That is why we are here.





Yacht Shipping Limited represent Sevenstar Yacht Transport B.V. Amsterdam as their exclusive UK agents for their specialist water to water service. 

With a modern fleet of some 100 vessels, Sevenstar arrange the transportation of yachtsworldwide. Sevenstar Yacht Transport make it possible for your yacht to reach distant marinas and exotic waters in the shortest time possible. Simply deliver your yacht alongside the Ocean Vessel and Sevenstar will take care of the rest.


Main Advantages

* safe and reliable method of sea transportation

* experienced, professional load masters on hand to load and unload your yacht

* sailing yachts remain with masts upright and rigging intact

* motor yachts up to 6m high can be shipped under deck

* minimum preparation - no need to remove radar arch, ariels, propellers etc

* cradling systems provided on board by Ocean Carrier

* speed of transit to destination

* no need to be present during loading/unloading as yachts can be collected from/delivered to your requested marina