Residence Permit

Residence Permit 


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The new regulation come from European Community as all Europe and USA is very familiar this process.


More than 69 years old person are not able to make emergency health insurance.

For one year the cost is 150 TL which is acceptable for to get residence permit.

Until 65 years old possible to get health insurance cost is approx. 2500 TL

For more than 65 years old People, it is not possible to get health insurance, same as in all the other countries.

To get a Tax-Number is not difficult unless we have the passport and will be included our agency service.

If you have an insurance policy from your country, it needs Turkish translation from authorised translator and Turkey has to be covered by the insurance company.

Marina contracts no need for a year, while you making your residence application, yacht need to approve to stay in a Marina to get a confirmation from Marina the Management.


A Turkish Bank or any bank in Turkey you are able to open an account while you make the application.

Per person should have 12,000 TL or equal amount any currency. After that you are able to take your money back and no need to keep open your banking account for a year.

Single yachts crew or owners are able to get residence permit for one year. Married yachts crew or owners able, to make Turkish Translations to their wedding certificate, to get 2 years residence permit.

If yachts crew or owners will stay out of Turkey more than 120 days, able to cancel residence permit.

Also need to prepare below documents to make a residence permit application.

The normal documents' are:


*Bank Account with 12,000 TL or in any other currency (for Bank Account Tax Number)

*Marina Contract or Marina Letter “Boat is in the Marina”

*Health Insurance in TR or in own Country, which covers Turkey
*Copy of Boat Registration
*Copy of Passport
*Copy of Passport page showing entry
*Copy of Tourist visa
*Copy of Transitlog
*4 passport photos