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 Formalities For Private Yacht  berthed in Marmaris


If you are the owner or the captain of a yacht:   Upon your arrival in Marmaris you should obtain a transit log  and complete the check-in formalities . Please ask Netsel Reception where you may purchase the transit log in town.  You  can do check-in formalities yourself or have it done by a professional agent . All  the  required  information  concerning  the  yacht , yachtsmen , crew, intended  route ,  passport numbers , inventory list and any other obligatory matters must be entered on the transit log.  


What is a transit log?


The transit log  is a set of forms used as a declaration.            

- When a yacht checks into or checks out of the list of acountry

- When there is any change of crew in the list  of yachtsmen or in the inventory list, or  cruising grounds.  

- When you leave the yacht into custom bond

- As a permission to sail in Turkish waters (For further information you can read the explanations on the first  page.)


If  you want to leave Turkey without your boat :


  If  you want to leave your boat in Turkey whilst you leave the country , you have toplace  your boat in   custom bond. For further information or for documentation , please apply to the reception in Netsel Marina office one day before your departure, with your passport and transit log, and the  forms filled in clearly. One of these forms is theboat’s inventory.  All expensive and portable articles which you will leave on board should be noted on the inventory form..It is better to take these forms in advance and fill them in on board by checking everything, especially the engine serial numbers thatshould be checked from  the engine (not  taken from the registration documents). If you can not find the same number you can write a number that can be seen on the main part of the engine such as the  block number.  

** Once the boat is bonded, none of the articles in the inventory list can be removed from the boat  until the boat is released from bond. **



To Take The Boat Out Of Custom Bond:



The boat will be checked according to the inventory list which you had produced to bond the boat.

The documents needed to take the boat out of custom bond are ;

                - Passport , (owner's or captain's)

                - A new transit log,  which should be filled in prior to application

                - Ownership registration, which should have the owner's name on

                - Authorization document if the person checking the boat out of bond is not the owner. Captains possessing an authorization document  can take the boat out of custom bond.


     Authorization documents should include ;


                 a- The owner's and the captain's identification details

                 b- A text explaining the qualifications and limits of the authority given.

                 c- The signatures of owner or owners

                 d- The authorization document should be translated into Turkish and be notarized by a public notary or  a document of confirmation  from a Turkish consulate

Limits and Fees:


       A private yacht


- Is allowed to stay in Turkey for five years without checking out of the country

- Can stay two years in custom bond without checking out.  Before the end of these time periods you should take your boat out of the country and out of the custom bond. It would be wise to keep the documents that you have taken from the Harbour Master’s and Custom's Office when you check out of the country in case you need to prove your check out.

    If the owner is not on board it is compulsory to pay $50 to sail in Turkish waters. A fee of  EURO 45  charged for in and out bonding formalities , which can be changed by the company from time to time whitout any further notice.