Gelcoat Repairs

Over time, the gelcoat finish covering your boat’s fiberglass shell may lose its luster.  Primarily for cosmetic appeal, the gelcoat may become damaged in a collision or when exposed to sunlight over prolonged periods of time, causing your boat to lose its brilliant colours and showroom finish.

Anker Group provides gelcoat refinishing and repair services on all manner of watercraft.  Whether caused naturally by the elements or damaged in an accident or collision, our skilled watercraft repair technicians will restore your boat's gelcoat to its original condition.  


Gelcoat Repair Services:

  • Gelcoat Repair
  • Gelcoat Restoration
  • Gelcoat Refinishing
  • Gelcoat Colour Matching
  • Gelcoat Buffing & Polishing

Get Back on the Water Faster

Our knowledge of proper repair procedures is invaluable, saving our customers both time and money.   We understand that you have a schedule and places to go, which is why we work closely with you, your insurance company, and factory suppliers to make sure your boat or watercraft is repaired and back on the water as soon as possible.


Schedule a Gelcoat Repair

Our expert technicians are here to assist you with any of your watercraft and boat repair needs.  Our innovative thinking and genuine care lead to the finest service available.