Anker Group is a professional and dynamic company with many years experience in the nautical world, specialized in yacht charters in the Mediterranean.


We have a large and varied selection of yachts and activities in the Mediterranean area. Sailing, fishing, pleasure cruises, regattas, group activities and sports, trips to name a few. All boats are charter coded yachts and fully prepared and insured for yacht charter / hire.


We offer a personalised yacht charter service to each client taking care of all the details in order for you to enjoy a great day at sea. Providing advice to match the yacht requirements of each client, weather conditions, places to sail, activities, catering and any other aspect in which we can be off assistance in order for your time at sea to be the most pleasurable possible.


Anker Group provides a comprehensive yacht charter service for the major ports in the Mediterranean.  We also offer yacht hire for and from Greece.